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Cassandra Terra
30 September 1982
Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
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Interlochen Arts Academy - Interlochen MI
Community High School - Ann Arbor MI (1998 - 2001)
Beloit College - Beloit WI (2001 - 2006)
Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti MI (2005)
Schoolcraft College - Livonia MI (2008 - 2009)
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alec/seregil, ancient rome, angelina jolie, ann arbor, archaeology, babylon 5, baking, berdaches, beta fish, black books, blood ties, books, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, cassandra of troy, castle, cats, charlaine harris, classical studies, corsets, creative writing, cutter/skywise, david tennant, dead like me, dexter morgan, dinosaurs, doctor who, doujinshi, drag kings, drag queens, dykes, dylan moran, earth 2, edinburgh, elfquest, elrond, england, fanfiction, fantasy, felix harrowgate, felix/mildmay, feminism, firefly, forever knight, fossil hunting, fossils, fucking with gender, game of thrones, gay boys, gay marriage, gay pride, gay rights, gay vampires, gender, gender bending, gender studies, geology, gil grissom, girls, gluten free, gluten free baking, gravitation, grissom/greg, hannibal lecter, harry potter, history, homosexuality, house m.d., hugo weaving, intersex, intersexed, italy, jack/ianto, john barrowman, kathy griffin, kurt wagner, labyrinth, latin, lesbians, london, lord of the rings, lost, lynn flewelling, mars, melusine, michigan, mildmay, music, nathan fillion, native american history, nightcrawler, nightrunner, nightwish, paleontology, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pompeii, poppy z. brite, pro-choice, project runway, purple, purple hair, queen, queer, queer as folk, queer rights, qui-gon/obi-won, reading, renaissance fair, rock music, rocks, roman mythology, rose tyler, sandman, sarah monette, saturn vue, science fiction, scones, scott lynch, seregil/alec, singing, sirius/harry, slash, slash fanfiction, smallville, sookie stackhouse, tangerine trousers, tanya huff, tea, the 4400, the civil wars, the killers, the mirador, the ninth doctor, the tenth doctor, the virtu, the young riders, torchwood, tori amos, transgender, transgender rights, transgenderism, transsexuals, true blood, two spirited, victorian era, writing, yaoi
I'm a Beloit College Grad with a major in Classics and two minors in Geology and Anthropology. And I don't know what the hell to do with them. Joy.

There are a lot of things I have been called over the 29 years I've been on this world. Now I'm calling the shots - I'm a lesbian, feminist, transgendered, dyke, bitch- are just to name a few more recent ones. My life is pretty simple and mundane. I'm just trying to survive in this world and make my life the way I want it.

I live with now THREE cats, Daisy and Jude and now we are welcoming in Cristobal! Yes, I am that crazy cat lady from down the street. Now get off of my lawn!

Please stop by the_mirador my lovely little community dedicated to my favourite author - Sarah Monette.

The WeatherPixie

Few of my favourite quotes:
"It's not so bad, being dead like me."
-George Lass

If male homosexuals are called "gay," then female homosexuals should be called "ecstatic"
-shelley roberts

"The best intensions are fraught with disappointment."
-Gil Grisson

being gay is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

drag queens are love
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cassandra is love
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(Greg rambles on and on)
GRISSOM: (exasperated) Greg, why are you always doing this?
GREG: (simply) Because you make me nervous.
CSI-307-Fight Night

I'm such a Grissom/Greg shipper. They're so cute!

Catherine: So, you like Archaeology, huh?
Gil: Yeah, when I want to feel small.

Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series is love.

C.A.S.S.A.N.D.R.A.: Cybernetic Artificial Soldier Skilled in Assassination, Nocturnal Destruction and Rational Analysis
aka...psycho robot bitch. :)

My new obsession!
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